Our Petcare Services

Thank you for checking out All Critters Petcare Service of Raleigh! Here is a list of our most requested services that care for everything from your goldfish to your mastiff. Just in case you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, contact us and get the conversation started! We’re happy to work with you to provide exactly what your furry (or not so furry) loved one needs!

Dog Walks

Every dog has different needs, from the bulldog who loves his couch surfing time to the Labrador who can spend all day at the dog park. Here are our dog walking time slots to fit any need:

  • Dog walking client

    15 Minute “In & Out” Visit: We come to let your pup out in the backyard or a quick turn around the neighborhood to do their business then back in again. Ideal for elderly dogs (and couch potatoes) or those recovering from an injury and need just a quick checkup. ($17)
  • 30 Minute Dog Walks: Long enough to give your dog a more thorough run around the block (or backyard), clean up after messes, and to include house care tasks, this time is spent mostly wearing out your dog (and extra pets, too). ($20)
  • 60 Minute Dog Walks: This extended visit is excellent for those dogs who really need time to get all the energy out, either with an extra-long walk or ball throwing in the backyard AND includes household tasks as well. ($32)

Dog walk pricing is for two dogs.  Each additional dog is $2.00.

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All-Inclusive Pet Visits

Japanese chin dog


Visiting your friends for the weekend? Going away for longer?  Don’t worry about the pets! Our pet sitting visits include everything your dog or cat needs to forget you left without them. Everything from feeding, medicating, cleaning up after them, and home care tasks are taken care of in this visit that lasts up to 30 minutes. While cats may only need one all-inclusive visit a day, dogs are recommended two (in addition to dog walking visits). ($23)

Pricing is for two pets, cats or dogs.  Each additional dog is $2.00, cats (& other small pets) are $1.00 each.

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Cats Only Pet Sitting Visits

white cat


Felines only, no dogs need apply!

Our cat sitting visits are tailored for the unique emotional and physical needs of cats. Our pet professional pet sitter will stop by to change the litter box, check in on all furry felines, medicate (if needed), water and feed your cats (the cuddles are thrown in for free)!

Because (most) cats can be a little flexible with the timing of their visits, these lower-cost visits are scheduled to occur anytime during the day.  If you’re gone for a period of time we’ll come around the same time each day but we don’t schedule a specific time.  If you need a specific time (or, more visits per day), our all-inclusive visits would probably be a better option.  ($19)  “Every other day” cat sit visits are also available. ($25)

This visit includes care for up to two cats, each additional cat is $1.00.

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Small Pets & Exotic Pet Sitting Visits

a veiled chameleon

Lil C

Maybe you’re not team cat or team dog, but team hamster is more your style (or goldfish, parrot, or anything in between). We care for them all!

These small pet / exotic pets visits are designed for small pets not normally covered by other pet professionals and include care for up to 3 pets at a time, with each additional pet costing$1.  Pricing for these visits is a little flexible depending on the situation – call for details.  ($19)

Visits to be scheduled at any time throughout the day.

We care for:

  • Small mammals (rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, hamsters, etc.)
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Reptiles & amphibians
  • Arachnids
  • Or any other small pet with a place in your heart

We can also board a limited number of small animals here at our location.  $22 per day for up to three animals if they’re in the same housing ($2 for each additional pet).  Client is responsible for both dropoff (& setup, if needed) and pickup.  Otherwise, there’s a $20 fee for each.

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Hourly Pet Sitting 

Two of our hourly pet sitting clients. Gus and Daisy, standard poodles.

Gus and Daisy

Excellent for those whose pets suffer from severe separation anxiety, are recovering from an illness, or just need a little extra lovin’, hourly pet care covers them all.

Much like a regular pet sitting visit, we’ll feed, water, walk, play, etc., except we will stay for as long as you want and include any extra tasks you feel are needed while we’re there.

These spots fill up fast so please try to let us know early if this is a service you need.  ($25/hr.) 

There is a two-hour minimum for hourly visits.

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Overnight Visits

Skywalker, a cream colored Havanese


Often the most difficult time for a pet left alone is bedtime.  When they are used to the friendly night time routine and are suddenly without it, some pets can become destructive.  But mostly, this service is for those pet owners that just don’t like the thought of their pets being alone too long and want them to have the extra companionship while they’re away.

With our overnight pet sitting service, you don’t have to worry about your pets when you go for an overnight visit, we’ll stay in your home and provide all the night bathroom trips and morning care that you would, just like you never left.  

These visits include a late night walk (usually priced at $20) and an all-inclusive visit in the morning (usually priced at $23).  Visits last from 10 pm till around 7 am the following morning.  Like our hourly pet sitting visits, these spots can fill up fast.  Please try to book early if you think this is service you’ll need from us. ($85/night)

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Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi services by All Critters Petcare

Planning to take the pups (or kitties) to the vet or the groomers but can’t get them there on your own?  We can help out!  

Our pet taxi service includes a trip to &/or from either your vet or groomer, or anywhere else in town you might need to get them to or from.  Visit includes one hour of time, each additional 15 minutes is $10.  Visit includes 10 miles of travel, each additional mile if $0.54.  Visit includes one pet, each additional pet is $5.00.  ($25)

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All Critters Petcare Housesitting ServicesDon’t have pets (or, you’ve taken them with you) but like the idea of someone looking in on your home while you’re away? Our house sitting service is for you. We’ll stop by your house to do a quick security check, make sure everything is ok, adjust the lights and blinds, bring in the mail, water plants, and take out (or in) the trash cans. Have a unique request for house care? We’ll be more than willing to fulfill it in these 20(ish) minute stopovers. ($17/day)

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Key Pickup or Dropoff

All Critters Petcare Key Pickup and Drop offWhile we collect two copies of your house key during our free meet and greet, occasionally someone needs a key back or they’ve updated their locks and need up to come out for the new copies.  

This service is to either bring one out to your property or to pick one up, even if you don’t need us for house sitting, dog walking, or pet sitting. ($12)

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For all potential new clients:

golden retriever having fun rolling in the grass


We’re so happy you’re interested in letting us care for your pets! We want to get to know them (and you) as well as possible so that we can provide the best service!

To do that, we schedule all newly registered clients for a FREE Meet & Greet at your home that takes up about thirty minutes of your day. During this meeting, we discuss you and your pets’ needs and what services we recommend so that all members of your family are happy and healthy.

Some topics we would go over during this meeting are:

  • Your pets’ exercise and dietary needs – Some pets may be getting over an injury or illness and need a special dietary plan or exercise regime. We want to make sure we are aware of these details before we start caring for them. 
  • Household Security (if needed) – Homes left alone during the day are some of the most likely to be burglarized. This is why we discuss any home sitting needs that can minimize your risk, such as bringing in mail and packages, turning on and off lights, and doing perimeter checks when necessary.
  • Household Care –  We want to care for your home just like you would and this is when we find out how to do that.
  • Ongoing Concerns and Questions – Want to know why we are the best to take care of your pet? Here is when you can ask us questions and learn about our qualifications in depth. We promise you’ll be happy with what we have to tell you. Have training questions or concerns you would like to discuss with a trained professional? Now is the time to discuss it with us to see how we can help you (and your clawed, pawed, or finned friends) best.
  • How to Schedule Visits – Once all the details are ironed out, we go over how to let us know you’d like a visit. We use an easily accessible app which you can log into and notify us when you need service, which we go over in detail during this meeting. Not tech savvy? We can still schedule meetings either by phone, email or text as well!

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pit bull boxer mix and a toy poodle

Wilbur, Jack and Stash


Don’t see your exact needs filled with one of our services? Drop us a line to discuss your needs and we can build the perfect service (with the perfect price tag) to take care of all your family members.

We’re looking forward to meeting you & your pets soon!

~ Joey & the All Critters Petcare staff