Our Policies

Below are our policies for pet sitting & dog walking clients. Currently we offer pet sitting and dog walking services in the Raleigh area, mainly in the 27612 zip code and the zip codes that border 27612 (27613, 27615, 27609, 27608, 27607, & 27617).   Service outside of these areas may require a small surcharge to help offset additional time and fuel costs.


golden retriever and a shih-tzu

Dixie and Rosie

It is best to plan in advance for pet sitting services to secure the date(s) you need.  Although, we’ll make every effort to fit you in with a last minute appointment, we can’t guarantee it.   Last minute (same day) reservations may require an additional fee.

For new clients, we require an in-home (free) consultation to meet you and your pets before our first visit.  This allows us to meet you & your pets (& you to meet us) and gives us a chance to see your routine and ask any questions about your pets care before our first visit.

Reservation confirmation

If you schedule your reservation online you should hear from us within 24 confirm your spot.  If, by chance, you don’t hear from us; please reach out to us so that we can confirm you’re on the schedule and we didn’t miss you.

What to Expect While You’re Away

Labrador dog


We tailor each visit to you & your pets.  We come in and feed, give fresh water, walk the dog(s) or let them play in the yard.  If you have cats we also scoop the litter & tidy up the litter box area & also care for any other pets in the home. Administering medication (pills & other oral or topical meds) is included.   More complicated meds (such as injections or subcutaneous fluids) can also be given but would require an additional fee.  While there we’ll also perform other tasks around the home such as bringing in the mail, watering plants, turning lights on & off & rotating blinds.  Again, each visit is tailored to you & your pets needs.  If you need anything specific done, let us know, we’ll do our best to make it happen.  During each visit, you’ll get a report with what was done, how everyone is doing, & we’ll even send pictures for most visits.

Extended Absence

In the event you have to be away longer than planned it is mandatory that we hear from you.  Obviously, extending a reservation is no problem, but we need you to contact us to let us know.  The well being of your pet(s) depends on our communication!


Black Mini Poodle


We understand that things happen that cause plans to change. Once we have scheduled and confirmed your appointment, a fee may apply for cancellations to compensate pet sitters for the time they set aside for your appointments and for appointments we may have declined because we already had you on the books.

• Cancellations made the SAME DAY would require payment of 50% of whatever would have been billed that day.
• Cancellations made within 48 hrs of the following holidays would require full payment of anything scheduled up to the holiday and including the holiday itself, including any surcharges: (New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, & New Years Eve)

While these are our “official” policies, we do try to keep things friendly and casual.  If a cancellation is unavoidable, we’ll likely not charge anything, especially if you’re an established client.

Early return

If you return early from a trip we would only charge you for the visits remaining in the current day.

If during a holiday and you cancel within 48 hrs of the holiday, all charges up to the full day of the holiday would apply.


Goldendoodle puppy


We require 2 copies of your house key during the initial consultation visit. If we only receive one key, we’ll have a second copy made.  This is so your sitter has one key and we have one emergency/backup copy here in the office.  A $3 charge will be applied if we have to make a copy.  Should you choose to have your key returned, a $12 key pick up/drop off charge would apply.

Security Systems Protocol

If you have a security system, and you plan on arming while away, we would need your 4-digit security code (or, even better, a code set up specifically for All Critters).  We also ask that you supply any other information we might need (password? &/or the name & telephone number to the security company) in the unusual event that the alarm might actually go off while we’re there.  It’s very rare that it happens, but not unheard of.

Inclement Weather

Lab Mix


Luckily, it’s rare that we have inclement weather in the Triangle that’s severe enough that it makes travel too difficult or impossible.  But, in the winter months, the possibility is there. First off, know that in the event of inclement weather, we’ll make every reasonable attempt to make it to your home. If, by chance, it’s just too dangerous we would ask that you leave us the name & telephone number of a trusted neighbor we could request assistance from.  Again, this is very rare in our area, but we want to be prepared just in case.  We will contact you as soon as possible to keep you informed if severe weather occurs or is in the forecast so that we can plan accordingly.  The health and well being of your pet(s) is our utmost concern.

“I’m HOME” calls

Please remember to call (or, send us an email or text) when you have returned home safely!  

Billing & payments

All Critters Petcare uses an online invoice billing system that sends out an invoice two days before your service is set to begin.  You can easily log you’re your account to see invoices that are due in addition to previous invoices.  Unlike most other companies we don’t require payment up front for established clients (new clients would require a 50% upfront deposit for out of town trips).  For out of town trips we’ll generally invoice you on the last day of your trip and for weekly dog walking clients, we’ll usually invoice you on Friday or Saturday night.  Because we don’t bill up front we do ask that you pay promptly.  Payment is considered late after 7 days.  

Holiday Rates

All Critters is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 6 am – 10 pm.  We’re always available to help look after your pets &/or home.  During holidays and other special days each year we give up time with family and friends and we’re on the road checking in on everyone’s pets making sure they’re safe and happy for the holiday.  

Starting in 2019, we’ll be charging a little extra ($5 per visit) for visits that fall on the following days:

  • Easter Weekend: Saturday & Sunday, April 20th & 21st
  • Mother’s Day: Sunday, May 12th
  • Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday – Monday, May 25th – 27th
  • Father’s Day: Sunday, June 16th
  • Independence Day: Thursday, July 4th
  • Labor Day Weekend: Saturday – Monday, August 31st – September 2nd
  • Thanksgiving & the day after Thursday & Friday, November 28th & 29th
  • Christmas Eve, Day, & the day after: Tuesday, December 24th – Thursday, December 26th
  • New Year’s Eve: Tuesday, December 31st
  • New Years Day: Wednesday, January 1st (2020)

We appreciate your understanding.  This extra money goes to the sitters to help make time away from family a little easier.

Acceptable methods of payment

Corgie puppyVacation pet sitting clients - All Critters Petcare, professional pet sitters and dog walkers in Raleigh, NC


We accept all major credit cards (MasterCard, VISA, American Express & Discover), PayPal, checks & cash. Whatever is easiest for you! 


Please notify All Critters Petcare if others (housekeepers, friends, family members, etc.) will have access to your home during your absence. It is understood that the client will notify anyone with access to the home that All Critters Petcare services have been engaged. The homeowner &/or police will be called to report all intruders or suspicious acts without exception. All Critters Petcare, company owner, agents, assigns, successors and heirs are not liable and are completely indemnified for any and all liability stemming from the act(s) or failure to act of third parties, whether known or unknown, including but not limited to, friends, neighbors, relatives or other service persons, that you allow to enter your residence for any purpose while All Critters Petcare is caring for your pet(s).

Aggressive / Fearful Dogs



We love & enjoy taking care of all animals.  That doesn’t mean we want to be injured doing it.  During our initial meet & greet, we’ll have a chance to meet and get acquainted with your dog(s).  If your dog is overly fearful or aggressive, we may have to decline to take you on as a client.  Alternatively, if you’re a client and your dog becomes overly fearful or aggressive at some point, we may make the difficult decision to terminate our relationship.  It’s just not fair (or safe) to anyone involved if the dog doesn’t feel safe and secure.  Obviously, this is a case-by-case issue and we’ll do anything possible to avoid this, but everyone’s safety is our primary goal.

Unsecured pet(s)

All Critters Petcare cannot be held responsible for free-roaming or outdoor pet(s) in the event of illness, injury, loss or death. It is strongly advised that all pet(s) have some form of permanent ID and that they remain inside the home or confined to a yard or pen for their own safety and welfare in your absence.  We understand that many people have outdoor cats (or, cats that come & go), but we can’t be responsible for anything that might occur while outside the safety of the home.  All dogs while outside the home will be on a secure leash, we don’t allow dogs to run off leash (other than in a fenced-in backyard).

Pet Proofing

Bichon Frise


It is the pet owner’s sole responsibility to “pet-proof” any areas of the home and/or property to which the pet(s) has access. This includes thoroughly inspecting fences, gates, latches, doors and other devices meant to contain the pet(s) or restrict access to specific areas. The pet sitter does not assume responsibility and has no liability for any injuries the pet(s) may sustain or property damage the pet(s) may cause while in their own home/property.

Updated July 29,  2019