Cat Sitting Visits

two cats

Lily & Toby

Our Cats Only Pet Sitting Services

Cats, even more than dogs, often don’t do well in boarding situations.  Unnecessary stress caused by transporting them to the vet or boarding facility, unfamiliar sounds, smells, activities, and other pets can all be avoided by hiring a professional cat sitter to come into your home to watch over them.  Most cats just seem to do better by staying home in their familiar surroundings with their usual routine.

What to Expect During Our Cat Sitting Visits

Our cat sitter will come to your home to perform the following duties:

  • Fresh food and water
  • Cleaning and scrubbing of food and water bowls
  • Scooping cat litter and sweeping up around the boxes if/when needed
  • Emptying and refilling litter box, if needed
  • Any oral or topical medications that may be needed
  • Plenty of extra attention, loving, and treats (if allowed)

In addition, we’ll even do the following simple house sitting tasks while you’re away:

  • Bring in the newspaper, mail &/or packages
  • Take out the trash &/or take the cans out to the street (or back)
  • Water any indoor or outdoor plants (within reason!)
  • Adjust the lights &/or blinds (upon request)
  • Do a light security check and walkthrough at each visit to ensure your home is secure
  • Any other small task that can easily be handled while we’re there, just let us know.  We’re happy to accommodate. 

At the end of each visit, you’ll receive an emailed “report” that lets you know how everyone is doing, what they’ve been up to and we’ll even include pictures.

One of our cat sitting clients who's diabetic



Each 20-30 minute visit is $19.  This price is based on (up to) 2 cats.  Each additional cat is $1. 

For cats with ongoing health issues, we can administer insulin for diabetic cats ($5/dose) and we can also give subcutaneous fluids for those that might be dehydrated or experiencing kidney issues ($8).

These visits are best for cats that just need one visit a day and the time of day for the visit is a little flexible.  If you need a specific time or time-frame (or, if you need more than one visit each day), our standard pet sitting visit might be a better fit. 

Areas we Serve

Generally, we service the following neighborhoods for most visits: North Raleigh, West Raleigh, NW Raleigh, Downtown Raleigh, Cameron Village, Oakwood, Mordecai, the Warehouse District, Boylan Heights, Hayes Barton, Five Points, Six Forks & North Hills, and parts of Cary.  

Give us a call or send us an email today.  We’d love to help make your time away a little less stressful (for you AND your pets!).