Our End of Summer Dog Walks Promo

Hi everyone!

The Summer is coming to an end, school is starting back and now that we don’t have quite so many vacation/pet sitting visits each day, we’d love to be able to add a few more regular walking clients to our schedule each week.  Our mid-day (early afternoon) schedule is just about completely full (although we do still have some availability), but we have plenty of availability in the mornings, later in the afternoons and evenings.  

Three dogs taking a walk

Whatever you need, whether it’s an early morning walk &/or breakfast, a late morning walk, a quick potty break during the day, or a longer visit in the afternoon, we can help out.  Most of our clients have a pretty regular schedule and schedule things several weeks in advance, but we try to be as flexible as possible.  

Now comes the good part!

To help fill up our schedule, we’re offering something we’ve never offered before…50% off of ALL of your walks for the first month you’re with us.  To take advantage of this you must be a new client, book at least 3 walks per week and pre-pay for four weeks of walks when you sign up.  (after the first month you won’t have to pre-pay, you’ll be billed at the end of each week)  Also, this special is for regularly scheduled (3 or more times a week) dog walks…not pet sitting, cat visits, etc.  Although, we’d LOVE to help you out with those too.  Give us a call, we have other specials for those type visits. [Read more…]

Benefits of Hiring a Pet Waste Removal Company

Raleigh pooper scoopersBenefits of Hiring a Local “Pooper Scooper”

Are you considering hiring a pet waste removal company? If so, you’re not alone! Now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to up the convenience factor. Believe it or not, hiring a pet waste removal company is one way that families with pets are doing just that. 

So, are you trying to weigh the benefits? I can help with that.  Let’s explore some of the reasons for hiring a pet waste removal company will make your life better for you and everyone else.  In fact, you might be surprised at just how beneficial it can be to hire a pet waste removal company.  [Read more…]

Keeping Your Dog Cool this Summer

dog cooling off in front of a fanKeeping Your Dog Cool this Summer

Summer temperatures are beginning to soar and that can spell danger for your beloved dog. Many people think that dogs are well suited for all temperatures, but that’s completely false.  While a dog’s fur has the ability to protect your dog from heat and sun, dogs can suffer from the effects of the summer heat just like their humans.  Following some easy guidelines can help keep your dog cool this summer and thereby prevent heat stroke.


Dogs need to be hydrated all year long, but especially so in the hot summer months. Drinking cool water will help your dog stay hydrated and cool. On an average day, your dog should ½ – 1 oz. of water for each pound of weight.  So, a 40 lb. lab should drink anywhere from 20-40 oz. of water per day.  When exposed to heat, your dog can be expected to drink even more water than that.  Monitor your dog’s water intake to be sure that he is staying well hydrated. Outside water bowls should be plastic or ceramic as metal bowls heat up very quickly and retain heat in the summer sun. [Read more…]

Obesity in Dogs

overweight dogIs Your Dog Overweight?

Many pet parents admit that they don’t pay too much attention to their dog’s weight.  The lack of knowledge regarding obesity in dogs can result in serious long term and lifelong effects. In fact, neglecting to help your dog maintain a healthy weight can cause major health issues as well as reduce a dog’s lifespan.

What causes obesity in dogs?

Obesity in dogs can be linked to a few different factors and health conditions.  Extra weight in dogs is often caused by over-consumption or eating too much.  If what a dog is eating is not in proper balance with the amount of energy he expends, then the likely result is weight gain. Furthermore, if a dog regularly consumes a diet that is high in calories or an overabundance of table scraps or treats, that will also cause obesity.  Obesity has also been linked to health issues such as pancreatic cancer, hypothyroidism and Cushing’s disease. [Read more…]

7 Reasons NOT to Give a Bunny as an Easter Present

Easter RabbitThinking of Purchasing a Bunny for Easter?

Are you on a quest to give a bunny as an Easter present? Think again. While bunnies are synonymous with spring and Easter cheer, they are many reasons why you should not give a bunny as an Easter present.  Bunnies are a huge commitment and they can make wonderful pets, but they are not something that should be casually purchased and given as a gift, especially to a child.

Bunnies are high maintenance creatures. 

Contrary to popular belief, bunnies need a lot of attention. If you think that you can engage a bunny on a whim and keep him in his cage for most of his life, you’re sadly mistaken. Bunnies need human interaction. After all, they’re social creatures.   In fact, bunnies need just as much socialization and interaction as dogs and cats.  On top of the socialization, bunnies require at least 30 hours per week of exercise to maintain good social, emotional and physical health. [Read more…]

How To Properly Care For Baby Hamsters

Baby HamsterCaring for Baby Hamsters

Expecting, are we? It can be unexpected but not surprising.

Hamsters sexually mature quickly. They can reproduce as early as 4 weeks of age. If you bought them at a pet store recently or already have them as pets, it could be that the female hamsters were sharing a cage with the male ones.

How To Tell if Your Hamster is Pregnant?

You can tell that a hamster is pregnant if she appears to have gain weight. A noticeable bulge in her abdomen just over her hips can be seen days before the delivery.

She acts restless and agitated. She hoards more food than usual and begins to add more bedding materials to the nest.

It can be a bit tricky not knowing when the mating took place. Before you know it, the pups are on their way and you are totally unprepared. [Read more…]

There’s an App for That!

cute kitten playing on an iphoneApps for Pet Lovers

Ever hear the phrase “There’s an app for that”? Pet lovers everywhere are rejoicing because there’s literally an app for almost everything to do with pets.  Photo taking, travel assistance, first aid, tracking devices, subscription boxes, pet-friendly hotels and so much more can be accessed right from an app on your phone!  How convenient is that? We’ve worked to compile a list of some of our favorite apps for pet lovers just for you! [Read more…]

National Puppy Day 2019

National Puppy Day 2019National Puppy Day

Did you know that National Puppy Day is March 23rd? While celebrating the “magic” of puppies can happen any day, there is one day each year that focuses on saving orphaned puppies across the globe.  It also is a day that is in existence to help bring to the light the “horrors” of puppy mills. 

Who created National Puppy Day?

Colleen Paige, founder of National Dog day and National Cat Day, has made it her mission to create days that help recognize and improve the lives of animals and the people that love them. Colleen is a celebrity Pet & Home Lifestyle Expert and Author.  She carries many titles and her advice is highly sought after.  She is known as an animal behaviorist, writer, interior designer, photographer and more.  [Read more…]

Tips for Finding a Lost Dog or Cat

Lost Dog Poster from local pet sitters in raleigh

As a pet owner, as well as a local pet sitter, I can’t think of anything more frightening than the thought of a lost cat or dog.  The fact is that 15% of pet owners report having lost a cat or dog sometime in the past 5 years.  Of those pets, about 93% of dogs and 74% of cats eventually find their way home safely.  Taking a few precautionary steps early on and also getting an immediate start once something happens can help to increase these odds.

An Ounce of Prevention

All dogs (& most cats) should have a collar with their name and contact information, either on a tag or printed on the buckle or stitched into the collar.  About 15% of found dogs were returned home just because of this very simple and inexpensive step.  Microchips are another very useful tool, but a dog (or cat) must be at a shelter or a veterinarian’s office in order to be scanned.  A collar with their name on it is the fastest way for someone to get in contact with you. [Read more…]

A New Puppy for Christmas

a new puppy for Christmas

Havanese puppy, Bailey

While pet experts agree that a new puppy for Christmas isn’t usually ideal, the fact remains that a new dog or cat often tops the Christmas list for children and adults.

Bringing home a new puppy or kitten can be an exciting time, but having a pet is a commitment that requires research, preparation, and consideration not just of the humans in your household, but your other pets as well.

The New Dog
Step 1: Research

This begins with research. Breed choice matters, even if you are adopting from a shelter instead of buying from what we hope will be a reputable breeder if you go that route.

Dogs are loveable, but they are not all alike. They are bred to exhibit certain traits and behaviors, and prospective owners should not go by looks alone. The beautiful Border Collie you see on television is intelligent and good at tricks, but as a herding breed, it will also be a high energy dog with a high prey drive. Those pugs you like are adorable with their expressive, smushed in faces, but if you enjoy hiking in the summer, that flat face will make it more prone to hyperventilation in the heat. [Read more…]

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