7 Reasons NOT to Give a Bunny as an Easter Present

Easter RabbitThinking of Purchasing a Bunny for Easter?

Are you on a quest to give a bunny as an Easter present? Think again. While bunnies are synonymous with spring and Easter cheer, they are many reasons why you should not give a bunny as an Easter present.  Bunnies are a huge commitment and they can make wonderful pets, but they are not something that should be casually purchased and given as a gift, especially to a child.

Bunnies are high maintenance creatures. 

Contrary to popular belief, bunnies need a lot of attention. If you think that you can engage a bunny on a whim and keep him in his cage for most of his life, you’re sadly mistaken. Bunnies need human interaction. After all, they’re social creatures.   In fact, bunnies need just as much socialization and interaction as dogs and cats.  On top of the socialization, bunnies require at least 30 hours per week of exercise to maintain good social, emotional and physical health. [Read more…]

National Puppy Day 2019

National Puppy Day 2019National Puppy Day

Did you know that National Puppy Day is March 23rd? While celebrating the “magic” of puppies can happen any day, there is one day each year that focuses on saving orphaned puppies across the globe.  It also is a day that is in existence to help bring to the light the “horrors” of puppy mills. 

Who created National Puppy Day?

Colleen Paige, founder of National Dog day and National Cat Day, has made it her mission to create days that help recognize and improve the lives of animals and the people that love them. Colleen is a celebrity Pet & Home Lifestyle Expert and Author.  She carries many titles and her advice is highly sought after.  She is known as an animal behaviorist, writer, interior designer, photographer and more.  [Read more…]