Overnight Pet Sitting Visits

Our Overnight Pet Sitting Services

This service is for those pet owners that just don’t like the thought of their pets being alone too long and want them to have some extra companionship while they’re away.

What to Expect During These Visits

Our pet sitter will come to your home and perform all of the regular duties of a late night walk as well as an early morning pet sitting visit the following day.  In addition, our sitter will stay over in your home keeping your pets company throughout the night.  Unlimited cuddles & kisses are included at no extra charge!

The following morning, you’ll receive an emailed “report” that lets you know how everyone is doing, how the night went and we’ll even include pictures.


Each 9-hour visit is $85 and lasts from approximately 10 pm until 7 am the following morning.  This amount is for up to two pets, cats &/or dogs.  Additional pets are $2 each.

Areas we Serve

Generally, we service the following neighborhoods for most visits: North Raleigh, West Raleigh, NW Raleigh, Downtown Raleigh, Cameron Village, Oakwood, Mordecai, the Warehouse District, Boylan Heights, Hayes Barton, Five Points, Six Forks & North Hills, and parts of Cary.  

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